Our Vision

With Integrity, accountability, and reliability Proactive Tactical Security Operations stands out among other security agencies providing unparalleled security services and professionalism.

Proactive Tact Team

Proactive Tact at Work

Our Mission

To always and faithfully serve our clients needs and wants with the highest Integrity, efficiency, consistency, and professionalism with full transparency and loyal to the cause. We pledge to our clients to deter, defend, and protect their assets by all means permissible, and admissible in the court of law always diplomatically and proactively.

Who is PSTO?

Proactive Tactical Security Operations is a combined group of Security professionals, seeking to serve our communities selflessly and tirelessly striving daily on keeping the integrity, and the professionalism of our work through efficiency and consistency. Our duty is to keep fighting terror at home and abroad, as well as protecting our client’s investment from possible damaging liabilities. We specialize in Maritime Security, Firewatch, Construction sites & Executive Protection security details. Our men and women are current and former military security professionals, well-respected men and women from the private sector, as well as our retired law enforcement professionals geared with a heart of selfless service to others, having the highest Ethical standards to Country and Duty. We are people-oriented individuals with great restrained judgment, and with having “Duty Before Self” motto as the bed rock of our core values.

Proactive Tact Leadership

Proactive Tact Helicopter

Our Reliability

We enforce our transparency through our security metrics system technology where as you as the client will have full 24hr live security access to where the officer is at and what the officer is doing at all times along with fully automated daily report and clocking at the end of each shift. You will also have a superior officer periodically checking up on the teams on each post around the clock for check and balance on the security work promised at no additional costs to our agreement.

Our Motto Duty Before Self

At Proactive Tactical Security Operations, we are not just employees, we are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, and so on. We are family. We come together as one big unit by putting our devotion to Protective Services first before ourselves as one entity under God. Our loyalty to our security professionals is the transcendence that results from trust-building and leadership.

Proactive Tact Command