Guard & Patrol Services (GPS)

Our well-paid security guardsmen and security officers are comprised of former law enforcement officers and military veterans as well as civilians. They are men and women with solid education and work background and are of high ethical and moral values who always put the mission before themselves. They are screened to be physically and mentally fit for duty as well as giving them access to unlimited tactical extensive security educational tools and continuous bi weekly trainings whether they are at the gun range, the track or at their hand to hands combat classroom settings and whether they are at our offensive and defensive driving maneuver courses as required for them we make sure they always excelled, using the crawl, walk, run method of learning.

They are the future of the private local security industry, and they are helping us shaping up the standards of true professional security experience we all deserves. We are proud of them for they allow our clients and our administrative staff to sleep peacefully at night.

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