Public Traffic Safety Officer

Is a systematic Protective Transportation Assist (PTA) services aimed at servicing its communities to combat human trafficking, sex trafficking and despicable crimes that comes with other forms of private and public transportation services, making sure our men and women and our children are safe and sound when riding with us and finding a more convenient way of life to travel privately in a securely fashion that feels personal than ever before giving them the total peace of mind over any matters that relate to transportation safety and security whether by Sea, Air or Land.

The Public Traffic Safety Officer daily motto is to be always

“A world leader on creating a stress free safe road environment culture.”

Our services include but not limited to:

DUI ride services to traffic offenders & Non license holders

Yearly convenient riding services that is prompt and affordable making the customer current life misfortune stress free to the best of our ability.

Tourism Assist & Flight services

Customers target – Theme park Interns, foreigners and existing clients.

Collision Assistance

Proudly working with Car Insurance Agencies on Insurance claim Fraud, proudly representing our clients on recovering their losses fast and stress free.

Traffic violation classes

Offers free traffic violation classes to the public. Affordable DUI classes and free legal services offered to first time offenders.

Traffic Control

Proudly engaging with law enforcement Agencies on all 67 counties here in Florida and Nationwide on helping keeping our road safe and of convenience to our people on a day-to-day basis as well as on unique difficult times like hurricane seasons, and Pandemics life outcomes.

Criminal & Lawsuit Legal Services

Cost effective to clients and walking prospects depends on their subscription service package.

DMV Direct Connect services

Helping at monitoring driver licenses expirations, renewals and cancellations notifications via instant texts and emails (DL, Titles, Tags, etc.)

Helping small businesses, dealerships, Colleges, Universities and corporations at monitor their employee’s motor vehicle licenses and certifications.

Executive Protective services

24/7 Tailored Security transportation services is offered to Clients Students & Hospital Patients. Freely to women seeking safety and protective transportation services after-hours.

Please ask us about our Yearly Riding Subscriptions