School Security Protection (SSP)

School shootings is indeed a vital concern, not only for students and faculty staff, but as well a crucial matter for administrators, policy makers, criminal justice personnel, and concerned citizens. In 2018 alone there were 24 of such horrible firearms related incidents that resulted in injuries and deaths, and 25 schools shooting incidents in 2019. The efforts to reduce crime and violence at schools have led many schools to adopt preventative strategies aimed at reducing actual crime and fear of crime.

These measures include partnering with local police departments and being a true force at the implementation of school resource officers, installing video cameras and closed circuit television systems, utilizing weapon-detection systems (e.g., metal detectors), and blocking/restricting access to school facilities with entry-control devices (e.g., electronic key cards).

Recognizing these efforts and the limitations of prior research investigating school crime and safety measures, Proactive Tactical Security Operations has been proactively engaged at preventing the worst, has being working to aggressively activating his IOA officers acting as tutors and as resource student officers to proactively dealing with problems of bullying, racial tensions, student disrespects, and gangs that appear to be promising in mitigating problems on high school campuses across the United States.

PTSO has also being engaged in the individual security protection of the student client having only one mission in mind to proactively prevent, defend and disrupt any possible school shootings incidents that could lead to unnecessary injuries or death to the protected personnel when given the access and the tools necessary to doing so.

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