About us

Proactive Tactical Security Operations is a combined group of quiet security professionals, seeking to serve our communities selflessly, and tirelessly striving daily on maintaining the integrity and the authenticity of the nature “SECURITY & SAFETY SERVICES”. We are people-oriented individuals with great restrained to judgment, and with having a “Grow or Die” mentality as the bedrock of our core values.

proactive tactical solutions
proactive tactical solutions

Our Motto


 Is rooted in our will power to adapt quickly and to overcome no matter the circumstances we face to serve our client with steadfastness, duty and with service. We make your business ours.

Our Vision

At Proactive Tactical Security Operations (P.T.S.O), our vision is to be the foremost provider of world-class security professionals to clients and security sectors worldwide. We aim to deliver conventional and unconventional armed or unarmed security services swiftly, within 30 minutes to an hour, at any location. Upholding values of integrity, accountability, and reliability, P.T.S.O sets itself apart from other security agencies by offering unparalleled security services and professionalism, establishing a reputation for excellence in the industry.

proactive tactical solutions
proactive tactical solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to daily uphold the highest standards of integrity, vigilance, and professionalism in serving the needs and wants of our clients and business partners. We are committed to transparency and loyalty in all our dealings. Our dedication is to be prompt, consistent, and professional in meeting the demands of our clients. We strive to be vigilant, hospitable, and assertive when necessary, always acting within the boundaries of the law.

Our Reliability

At Proactive Tactical Security Operations (P.T.S.O), our reliability and core values, which include integrity, courage, duty, and honor rooted in Judeo-Christian principles, guide our actions. Our unwavering determination to adapt and overcome any challenges to serve our clients with dedication and service. We embody a commitment to listening attentively and treating your business as our own, ensuring exceptional service and support.